Vision Statement

Christchurch 2021 – The Vision Statement (7 March 2007)

  1. It is 2021, Christchurch and Canterbury are great places to live, work and play. The community is one where everyone has access to all we need for a healthy and fulfilling life.
  2. We have worked to preserve and restore our beaches, our parks and reserves, our waterways and wetlands. We have made new reserves in environmentally sensitive areas, regenerating native bush and tussock landscapes. Waterways and wetlands teem with wild life and native birds have returned.
  3. We have strong city and regional plans and policies to ensure that Christchurch is encircled by farms and parkland and that its pure water supply is protected. Present and future generations of citizens are able to enjoy our natural resources because we use the air, water, soils and energy efficiently and sustainably. Forward planning has ensured that essential infrastructure for water, sewage, energy, communications and transport is reliable and integrated with urban development.
  4. We are involved in our communities and regularly participate in decision-making processes, which are open and transparent. Our decisions are based on environmental, social, cultural and economic benefits. There is a strong bond between town and country residents, based upon the interdependence of urban and rural Canterbury and the appreciation each has of the other’s complementary role. We recognise the separate and important roles of Community Boards, Regional, City and District Councils and District Health Boards.
  5. We work together in a genuine partnership reflecting the spirit of the treaty, Te Tiriti O Waitangi. Full recognition is given to Maori and their traditional relationship with their lands, waters, fisheries and other taonga. Ngai Tahu have realised the aspirations contained in their tribal vision. We embrace the culture and traditions of Ngai Tahu as manawhenua.
  6. We respect and value the diverse cultures of people of more recent arrival and the contributions they make to our community.
  7. The healthy development of children goes hand-in-hand with equality of opportunity for men and women. We have a responsive and accessible health system, which attends to the needs of our multicultural community equitably, and delivers the highest quality care. We give our senior citizens the security, respect and retirement opportunities they deserve. . People with disabilities have the resources and support to avoid disadvantage. The whole community focuses on providing skills training and education for the whole of life.
  8. We now feel safe from personal harm. We can walk the streets at night without fear. Our pride in our city means that litter, vandalism, graffiti, and crime, are rare. Our city and towns are tidy, bright and clean.
  9. Canterbury bustles with festivals and commerce. There is a wide choice of lifestyles and recreational opportunities. We enjoy free outdoor entertainment, libraries, museums and galleries. We all have easy access to top class sporting, educational and cultural activities.
  10. We travel around easily on safe roads, cycle-ways and walkways. Most of us prefer to use public transport because it is environmentally friendly, clean, comfortable, reliable and convenient. There is maximum coordination between public transport and land use patterns.
  11. We have worked hard to preserve and enhance the character of our urban environment through good design. We have retained and revitalised our listed and other heritage buildings. Our central city is vibrant, attractive and entertaining, filled with successful businesses and residents. Everyone lives in warm and healthy housing and has the choice of a wide variety of affordable housing options.
  12. Our homes and industries and transport are energy-efficient and the air is clean and healthy. Our energy is generated from renewable resources rather than fossil fuels.
  13. We have closed the last rubbish land-fill. Our focus is on waste reduction. We have developed new processes and utilised new technologies to reuse, recycle and reclaim our waste in ways that are economically and environmentally sustainable. Our hazardous wastes are now destroyed by safe processes or stored securely for future disposal. Decisions on the treatment of both our solid waste and waste-water were made for regional benefit and we have learnt not to mix our industrial waste with domestic sewage.
  14. We have designed an effective asset maintenance programme to produce high quality footpaths, streets, and all other core services. We have retained public ownership and control of strategic assets and our trading enterprises, especially the port, the airport, our electricity line network and our portfolio of public housing. Because we have invested wisely we have achieved a high level of sustainable regional development through tourism and other new industries.
  15. We use our world-class intellectual capital in science and the arts to develop smart new businesses that generate excellent economic, social and environmental returns. Full employment, the foundation of social equality, has been restored.

We are Christchurch. We are Canterbury. It is 2021.

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