Yani Johanson

Hagley Ferrymead City Councillor

I’m standing for Council because I believe in the positive potential of our city, our citizens, and our community. At 32 years of age, I’m youthful and energetic, yet experienced.

I’ve shown strong leadership as a Community Board member for six years. I’ve campaigned to save the character and heritage of neighbourhoods while being a vocal opponent of city planning fiascos such as Ferrymead. I stand for a city plan with integrity, which protects, promotes, and enhances environmental amenity and quality development.

I stand firm in the provision of local facilities such as libraries and swimming pools. I pledge to retain public assets such as social housing and the Lyttelton Port in public ownership. I’ll fight to keep Council services from being contracted out and for a stop to the disastrous restructuring.

I believe in celebrating the creativity and diversity of our city through our culture, music and arts.

I’m concerned about the appearance of our city streets and our parks. As a member of Keep Christchurch Beautiful, I’m passionate about ensuring that people take pride in their environment and that the Council has high service levels of cleaning and maintenance of the city’s infrastructure.

I’m deeply committed to enhancing quality of life through working together. Restoring standing committees and getting rid of secret portfolio groups is high on my agenda. You deserve a system of local democracy that engages and involves its citizens rather than excludes people and acts in secrecy. I’ll listen to your concerns and I’ll work hard to be accountable and accessible.

ph 377 2584 / 021 799 321 or email: johanson@free.net.nz