Sir Kerry Burke

Environment Canterbury South

Kerry Burke
H: 355 8104
W: 365 3828

With your support, I have worked successfully for your well-being as your Regional Councillor since 1998, especially since becoming Chairman in 2004. I have used my background as Speaker of Parliament and as a Cabinet Minister to ensure that your vital interests are at the heart of ECan’s policies.

I offer you commitment, values, experience and skills to ensure that Canterbury’s great resources are well managed and its environment and economy are in balance, especially with regard to water.

Christchurch’s pure water supply must be protected and our waterways restored to full health. Gains in air quality and household warmth will continue. Our public transport system must grow and improve further, to lessen congestion growth.

I seek your support again this year, your confidence in my judgement and integrity, to continue your effective representation.