Phil Clearwater

Spreydon Heathcote Community Board

H: 337 4686
M: 027 2808591

I have enjoyed representing you as Chair of the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board for six years. We have faced many challenges this term to ensure the Council listens to and represents the views of the people and focuses on the services the community needs.

This has paid off, for example, in campaigning for the retention of community facilities such as our libraries and service centres.

I believe local people need to have a say about community issues. The Community Board must continue working in partnership with the community and City Council.

As a Community Board Member I will:

  • continue to support community development projects such as the Older Citizens’ Services Directory and Infomation Services at the South Library
  • continue advocating for more affordable children’s pre-school and out of school care programmes
  • continue to support programmes to make our community safer and stronger , such as Neighbourhood Support, anti-graffiti projects and parenting programmes like Sydenham Mothers at Home.

I will continue to work:

  • with residents on your concerns, including road safety, flood damage, trees, footpaths, parks and children’s playgrounds
  • with Environment Canterbury and the City Council to improve the quality of water in the Heathcote stream
  • To ensure ratepayers have value for money and more accountability from Council.

With 12 years experience as a Community Board member I know how local government works. I’ve been a strong advocate for the community and I ask for your support at voting time.