Matt Morris

Shirley Papanui Community Board

H: 3861025
W: 021 038 6638

I am an accessible and enthusiastic advocate for a green city with green suburbs. This means I believe in strong, inclusive communities and properly funded community facilities, like your local swimming pool. It means I believe in a city that ensures that natural resources like streams and waterways, parks and gardens, are managed sustainably. And it means I believe in listening to you and your concerns and doing something about them.

It also means I’m forward-looking. Major new roading projects, for example, may well add to congestion rather than relieve it. I believe in improving public transport and more exciting cycling possibilities, for example – rather than pouring money into making larger, busier roads like the Cranford Street development. These cut against my team’s aim for a city that is unpolluted, safe and feels good to be in.

Our young people, our natural environment, our built heritage and safety on our streets are my priorities as your representative. With the help of your vote, I look forward to joining the Christchurch 2021 team on the City Council.

Previously I have advocated for community gardens and helped build our local organic farming sector, and I’ve served on many different community committees. I have worked as a freelance journalist and Press columnist, tutored sustainability courses and taught New Zealand history at University. I hold a Ph.D. on Christchurch’s social and environmental history. I am currently a duty manager of a busy inner city supermarket.

I live in Shirley, by the Shirley Shopping Centre, with three others.

You can phone me at home on 386 1025, or email me at