Karolin Potter

Spreydon Heathcote City Council and Community Board

H: 326 6448
W: 353 0957
M: 027 427 4671

I’m pleased and proud to have been nominated by Christchurch 2021 to represent you. I promise to work hard to restore citizen access to the City Council and to Council facilities, to improve libraries, swimming pools, planning and resourcing, and where there is a cost, to keeping that as low as possible.

I will work for clean water, a clean City, accessible and available public transport, a sustainable and safe city and keeping and improving our parks and the hills. I am for retaining and restoring our historical sites. I will support those people and institutions that save energy, save the environment and save our city for those who come after us. When elected I will hold monthly clinics to find out what you want from your representative. I promise to make the City fun, and to enjoy representing you.

I have chaired school and residents’ committees and have been active on many issues including children, women, childcare, education, roads and footpaths, fences and trees and the general community. I have always striven to be accessible, and knowledgeable about the area I have lived in for 21 years.

I believe in equality of opportunity for all people, especially for our children, older people and the disadvantaged. I will strive for a cohesive Christchurch that respects and includes difference and understands that diversity does not mean divisive but does mean a readiness to face the challenges of the 21st century.