Faimeh Burke

Fendalton Waimairi Community Board

H: 355 8104
Email: pax@xtra.co.nz

My commitment to you is to advocate your concerns and ensure that your voice is heard at the Council and Community Board tables.

I stand for:

  • A cleaner city with a more sustainable environment retaining Christchurch’s pure quality of water and reducing its air pollution
  • Improving street maintenance and all core Council services
  • Maintaining the garden city image of Christchurch
  • Retention of heritage buildings and notable trees
  • Better lighting and street signage
  • Efficient public transport networks and off-road cycleways to reduce traffic congestion
  • Constructive solutions to boy-racers and graffiti and combating vandalism
  • Better recycling of waste
  • Retention of community centres, libraries, community gardens and Council supported childcare centres
  • Supporting worthwhile projects for youth, older people and new migrants
  • Closely Scrutinising Council finances for sustainable rates.

Currently I am:

  • An elected member of your Community Board. I have worked on all committees and represented the Board on: the Council heritage committee; ECan’s flood protection committee and Keep Christchurch Beautiful
  • A qualified RMA commissioner;
  • An accredited translator;
  • Chair of the Christchurch Intercultural Assembly;
  • A Trustee of the Merivale Precinct Society;
  • A Trustee of the Christchurch Austrian Society;
  • Company director;
  • Mother of three grown up children.

With experience in local government as a Community Board member and a wide range of skills from work experience in local government and business, extensive travel and academic studies (BA in Economics and MA in Political Science and International Relations) I can help achieve the best for our community and our city. I ask for your support.

I would love to hear from you and can be contacted at either:

Phone: 355 8104, or
Email: faimeh.burke@ccc.govt.nz