David Morrell

District Health Board

David Morrell
H: 332 5247
W: 365 0635

I’ve been an elected member of the District Health Board for the last six years, though I’m better known for my years as Christchurch City Missioner.

I know from my experience at the Mission that health care is unevenly distributed and I remain committed to more accessible and affordable services for all. Specialised training in Porirua Hospital convinced me of the needs of the mentally ill, and currently as chair of Brackenridge Estate, I’m working to improving services for the intellectually disabled.

I consider collaboration between clinicians and managers as vital for our hospitals to work more effectively. I chair the Board’s Hospitals’ Advisory Committee, which oversees hospital services, where we still face challenges to reduce waiting lists further. I work hard and I offer a rare mix of skills and experience in facing the challenges, tensions and contradictions in getting the best health for our dollars.