Bob Kirk

Environment Canterbury South

Bob Kirk
H: 348 5576
W: 343 9899
M: O27 448 5131

I work hard to protect our precious groundwater and improve water quality in rivers. I have spent much of my lifetime working to understand Nature and our effects on Canterbury land and waters. At the University of Canterbury I researched coasts, lakes and their management throughout New Zealand including coastal erosion, estuaries, harbours, tsunami, and lake levels. I also served as Deputy Vice Chancellor and on the University Council.

At ECAN since 2004, I’ve helped shape use of our natural resources in more sustainable ways. I’ve chaired the Coastal, Navigation and Safety Portfolio and more recently the Finance and Audit Committee. The Regional Coastal Plan is in effect, sites for Aquaculture and areas to be excluded from it have been determined. Boat safety regulations throughout Canterbury have been reviewed and improved.

I strongly supported creating a River Guardians Scheme, improved river pollution response, and the Regional Park. I know how ECAN works and believe I add value. I seek to continue that work representing the people of Christchurch South.