(Updated 2002)1 NAME OF THE SOCIETY
1.1 The Name of the Society is Christchurch 2021 Incorporated.

2.1 The goal of the society is to achieve the vision statement of Christchurch 2021 as adopted and amended from time to time by the society in a general meeting.

3.1 The objects of the Society are:
3.2 To promote the good government of the City of Christchurch and the Canterbury Region.
3.3 To contest Christchurch local government elections by standing candidates under the name Christchurch 2021
3.4 To achieve a voting majority on those Christchurch local government organisations which Christchurch 2021 chooses to contest
3.5 To stand a team of candidates which recognises gender equity.
3.6 To stand a team of candidates in which the Tangata Whenua and ethnic minorities are represented
3.7 To guarantee all elected members of Christchurch 2021 the right and duty to vote on all matters in accordance with their own conscience, beliefs, and judgement, subject only to adherence to the principles indicated in the Christchurch 2021 Vision Statement and the Code of Conduct.

4.1 At least 18 months before the triennial elections the Committee shall review the currency of the Vision Statement.
4.2 Should the committee decide that changes to the Vision Statement are necessary it shall circulate a revised draft to members for consideration and approval at the AGM in the year before the triennial elections.

5.1 Any person may become a member by applying to the committee (defined later herein) in writing addressed to the secretary at the society’s address, by signing an endorsement of the Vision Statement, by paying the annual membership fee, and by being approved by the committee by a resolution thereof.
5.2 A member will cease to be a member if:
5.2.a The member resigns in writing addressed to the secretary
5.2.b The Committee resolves to terminate the member’s membership for any sufficient reason the Committee thinks fit, after first giving the member opportunity to make a submission on the matter, in person or in writing.
5.2.c The member dies.
5.2.d The member fails to pay any subscription levied on members and is in arrears for one year or more and the committee resolves to terminate the member’s membership for this reason.
5.2.e The member submits a nomination to the Electoral Officer for an elected local government position in competition with an official Christchurch 2021 candidate or candidates.
5.3 A member’s rights of membership may be suspended by the Committee for any sufficient reason the Committee thinks fit for any period not exceeding two months pending the hearing of the member’s submission as detailed in Section 5.2.b.
5.4 Only financial members who have been members for more than three months shall have voting rights at any meeting of Christchurch 2021.

6.1 Any organisation whose aims and philosophy are consistent with the aims of Christchurch 2021 and the Vision Statement may apply to become an associated organisation. The Christchurch Labour Local Government Committee (LLGC) shall be such an organisation from the adoption of this constitution.
6.2 The acceptance of an organisation as an associated organisation shall otherwise be at the discretion of the Christchurch 2021 Committee.
6.3 Christchurch 2021 will seek an agreement with the LLGC under which the LLGC will obtain and retain campaigning rights from the New Zealand Labour Party (NZLP) under the terms of its constitution, and will not stand candidates in Christchurch separately from Christchurch 2021.

7.1 In order to achieve its aims Christchurch 2021 will stand a range of candidates who support the Vision Statement. Such candidates may be independent members of Christchurch 2021, or they may be members of the NZLP or other Associated Organisations, as set out in 6.1 and 6.2.
7.2 Not less than 10 months before the expected date of the triennial local government elections, or as soon as practicable after the notification of a by-election, the Christchurch 2021 Committee will consult with all members of Christchurch 2021, the LLGC or its successor, and with representatives of any other Associated Organisations on an Electoral Strategy.
7.3 The Electoral Strategy will set out those positions which it is proposed will be contested, respectively, by independent candidates, Labour candidates, or candidates of officially associated organisations. Consideration will be given to the views of all elected members.
7.4 The Electoral Strategy must be approved by a Christchurch 2021 Electoral Strategy Panel elected at a special general meeting of the society not less than 9 months before the triennial elections.
7.5 The Strategy Panel will consist of 20 members, including the Chairman of Christchurch 2021 ex officio, with a quorum of 11 and of the 20 members no more than ten shall be members of one Associated Organisation, and the balance shall be independent members or members of other Associated Organisations. In the event of the resignation or absence of a member of the Strategy Panel, the Chairperson of the panel may accept a substitute or proxy to maintain the original balance.
7.6 The Strategy Panel will elect its own chairperson.
7.7 The selection of Labour candidates and candidates of other Associated Organisations will be carried out in accordance with their respective constitutions, subject to all nominees, prior to the selection process, endorsing the Vision Statement and the Code of Practice, and subject to the Chairman of Christchurch 2021, or his/her nominee, acting as adviser in the selection process.
7.8 The Code of Practice, to be approved by the Strategy Panel prior to the calling of nominations, will include a schedule of financial contributions expected of candidates and elected members or their Associated Organisation.
7.9 In the case of the Christchurch 2021 candidate for the mayoralty, the Strategy Panel will act as the selection panel.
7.10 The selection of independent Christchurch 2021 candidates will be in accordance with the procedure set out in Section 8.
7.11 Any matters not set out in the constitution shall be decided by the Strategy Panel.

8.1 Any person is qualified to be a candidate for Christchurch 2021 who is a financial member of Christchurch 2021 and who endorses the Vision Statement and accepts the code of practice and who is legally eligible to stand in accordance with the law of New Zealand.
8.2 Candidates will be selected by a Selection Panel of 10 members, with a quorum of five, of whom not more than three shall be members of any one associated organisation. In the event of resignation or absence the Chairperson of the panel may accept a substitute or proxy to maintain the balance.
8.3 The members of the Selection Panel will select one of their number to be the chairperson of the panel.
8.4 The Selection Panel will be elected at a special general meeting of the society held for the purpose at least six months before the triennial elections, or, in the case of a by-election, as soon as practicable after the official announcement of the by-election.
8.5 The Selection Panel will be responsible for:
8.5.a the calling and advertising of nominations
8.5.b the preparation and distribution of nomination forms, and the distribution of the Code of Practice and other relevant information to prospective nominees.
8.5.c The organisation of a selection meeting or meetings
8.6 Nominees will be required to attend selection meetings unless given dispensation by the Committee of Christchurch 2021, to make a short speech, to answer questions from the panel, and, at the discretion of the Chairperson, to answer questions from other members present.
8.7 The Selection Panel may invite members present to take part in a “straw poll”, the results of which will be conveyed to the Selection Panel for its guidance.

9.1 The Society will have an Annual General Meeting in June in every year.
9.2 Every member will be given at least twenty-one days notice of the Annual General Meeting, and of every Special General Meeting called by the committee. Such notice will be in writing and posted to members, and advertised in a newspaper with appropriate circulation.
9.3 Officers as specified below shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
9.4 The Chairperson, the committee, and its officers, will be nominated verbally by any member or members present at the Annual General Meeting, and will be elected by those financial members present and entitled to vote, by simple majority, by secret ballot.
9.5 The Committee will provide an annual report on the society’s activities together with an audited annual statement of accounts, at every Annual General Meeting of the society. At the AGM following the triennial elections the Treasurer shall provide a separate report on the Election Expenses.
9.6 The Committee will recommend an annual subscription as a condition of membership of the society to every Annual General Meeting. The meeting shall be responsible for setting the subscription or delegation of such to the incoming committee. Only financial members will be able to exercise the rights of members. The subscription shall become due from when it has been set. Any member who has not paid by on the 1st February in each financial year shall be deemed unfinancial until such overdue subscriptions are paid.
9.7 A quorum for a general meeting is 20 members and for a Committee meeting is five committee members.
9.8 Any member may move for the consideration of any matter at a general meeting by giving notice of motion in writing to the Secretary at least 7 days before the meeting.
9.9 The Committee may call a Special General Meeting by resolution, and any ten members of the society may call a Special General Meeting by signing and giving a request to do so in writing to the secretary.
9.10 All resolutions will be decided at any general meeting or committee meeting by a simple majority of members present and entitled to vote, evidenced by a show of hands, except that elections of officers, and of the Strategy Panel and the Selection Panel, will be by secret ballot.
9.11 An Auditor shall be appointed at the AGM.

10.1 The Chairperson, the Secretary, the Deputy Chairperson, the Secretary, the Treasurer and five other members will be elected to the Committee. The Committee will perform or cause to be performed all of the executive functions of Christchurch 2021, including the appointment of staff if it so determines.
10.2 The Caucus leaders, or their appointed representatives, for the Christchurch City Council, Environment Canterbury and the Canterbury District Health Board shall attend committee meeting to report and offer advice to the committee.
10.3 In the event of a vacancy on the Committee or of any of its official positions, then such vacancy will be filled by a member appointed by the Committee by ordinary resolution, except that two or more simultaneous vacancies may only be filled by election at a general meeting of Christchurch 2021.
10.4 The Committee may co-opt any member to the Committee or to any sub-committee of the Committee for any specified purpose. Co-opted members may not vote at meetings of the Committee but may vote at meetings of sub-committees. Sub-committees will not have power to act unless specifically empowered to do so by the committee and will report to the committee and may make recommendations for decisions to be made by the Committee.
10.5 The Treasurer will operate a bank account in the society’s name and will have the sole authority to bank money. Cheques on behalf of the society, following approval by the Committee, will be signed by the Treasurer and any other one member of the Committee. If the Treasurer is unable to act then the Committee may authorise any other Committee member to deputise for the Treasurer.
10.6 The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date membership list for the purposes of the Society and for sending membership renewal forms to all existing members prior to the 1st of February each year.
10.7 The committee shall have the responsibility for Actively informing members of the progress of Christchurch 2021 in achieving its local government objectives.
10.8 The Chairman shall convene a committee meeting on a quarterly basis as a minimum.
10.9 The Secretary will hold the society’s common seal and will affix it to any document required to be executed under common seal, only upon the authority of the Committee by ordinary resolution, except that if for any reason the Secretary is unable to do so then the Committee will delegate another Committee member to do so.

11.1 A proposal to amend these rules may only be moved at a Special General Meeting of the society called for the purpose. If adopted as a draft amendment the proposal must then be circulated to all members, and must be adopted by a two thirds majority of financial members present and voting at a subsequent Special General Meeting called for the purpose within two months of the first Special General Meeting.

12.1 The society will be wound up following:
12.1.a The passing, by a simple majority of members present and entitled to vote, of a resolution to do so made upon a notice of motion at a special general meeting of the society, giving at least one month’s notice of another special general meeting at which the resolution is to be confirmed.
12.1.b The passing, by a simple majority of members present and entitled to vote, of a confirming resolution at the last-mentioned special general meeting.
12.2 Following the passing of the resolutions required for winding up of the society, the Committee will take such action as it considers to be reasonable to ascertain all of the society’s assets, debts, liabilities and costs of every kind whatsoever, and will as soon as practicable realise all such assets and pay and discharge all such debts, liabilities and costs, and will then pay any balance in credit in the society’s accounts to its Associated Organisations.

13.1 These rules were adopted as the rules of the society at the special general meeting of the society on the 31st of August 2002.