What is 2021?

Christchurch 2021 is an incorporated society many of whose members (but not all) belong to the traditional political parties. Although these parties have no formal role in the Christchurch 2021 Constitution they can become Associated to Christchurch 2021 which allows candidates belonging to these parties to stand with their party affiliation next to their 2021 affiliation. Read more on the History of Christchurch 2021.

Christchurch is committed to public ownership of our assets

The Goal
Christchurch 2021 is to achieve the vision statement of the society as adopted and amended from time to time by the society. The Vision Statement and more information is available from the secretary or on this web site as part of the membersip application form on the Join page.

The objects of the Society are to promote the good government of the City of Christchurch and the Canterbury Region. To contest Christchurch local government elections by standing candidates under the name Christchurch 2021 and to achieve a voting majority on those Christchurch local government organisations which Christchurch 2021 chooses to contest.

Christchurch 2021 is a legally incorporated society with a constitution.

Christchurch 2021 welcomes applications for membership from those wishing to promote progressive local government in Christchurch and the Canterbury region. To apply to join Christchurch 2021 you need to complete the membership application form, fill it out and return to: The Christchurch 2021 Secretary, PO Box 610, Christchurch. More information is available from the Christchurch 2021 Secretary.

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